Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015, Longlist Anurag Sharma

Warrior I have been and Warrior I will die

Down at my back, looking at the open sky,
They say I am finished, I cant survive,
They all are cursing me and laughing at my plight,
But what if I have fallen on my back,
I have it in me to get back and fight
What if I have lost in a battle,
For me the war has just begun,
Warrior I have been and warrior I will die,
I will rise again from the ruins of my past,
I will make my future from the debris of my dreams,
Like an injured tiger I will come back with more vigor,
Its certainly not over because I havent given up yet,
Lying on my back I can see the endless space to be conquered,
Now that I am damaged, I know I can survive,
Warrior I have been and warrior I will die.

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