Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015, Longlist Amit Singh

The Seed of My Blood And Soul

The seed of my blood and soul,
Emerges from the depths of my deepest pores,
Withstanding pain that transcends all known boundaries,
Pangs of which reverberate for an eternity,
Only to subside at the sight of my life’s panacea,
Drained and dazed holding my elixir,
Close to the warmth of my chest still beating very hard,
Is it the aftermath of my crowning endurance which I never had,
Or the disbelief of the feat; a prevision of the times to come,
Enveloped by strange unknown feelings of being and becoming,
An entity destined, etched deep in the fate of my race,
We manifest that inseparable bond that gestated for nine months,
Breathing together in unison, now separated by flesh and bone,
A part of me, from me, my closest extension- my farthest blood cell,
The seed of my blood and soul!

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