Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Shortlist, Neelam Harpalani

The good thing about falling into pieces is that humans can do it so quietly.

Insanely numb - That’s the point you reach when you’ve been walking the disturbing path endlessly.
Seen memories fade, felt it so deep that the wounds have silently soaked in the blood, have been hit by reality so hard and so raw, that feelings do not surface anywhere around.
The worst has ended and the worst has seen you alive.
The air gushing through your fingers is no dream; it is perhaps a sweet reminder of what could have been, what did not and what it takes to pick life over death.
The crushing sound of your soul will make you want to deceive life and get to the absolute end.
But the end is not coming easy.
The end requires you to drown an inch deeper into the leftovers of past each day forward.
 It requires you to breathe in the toxic love and exhale the wisdom of surviving through the breath taking sighs!
The way towards the end is insanely numb.
The only end possible now, is a steady crawl of your dying soul, with the power of a revengeful destiny that keeps u breathing in broken pieces.

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