Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Shortlist, Neelam Chandra Saxena


The acts of vengeance and retaliation
Never have led to the doors of salvation.
From the ages of eon, time has proved
Be it a king, a sage or a pauper,
A vindictive mind neither reaps any rewards
Nor allows one to walk with a head held high.
King Kalmashpada blocked the narrow bridge on the river.
Shakti, the son of Rishi Vashishtha enraged by this action
Cursed him to turn into a Rakshasa;
No sooner did the curse materialise, a Rakshasa he turned indeed,
With an appetite for human flesh and blood
Made Shakti himself his first victim.
The thirsty King Parikshit , for water ordered
To a sage lost in meditation deep.
Seeing him unable to oblige,
In anger, picked up a snake only to garland the sage’s neck!
And lo, cursed was he to die within a week by a snake bite!
His fate he could not escape bestowed to him by his deeds own.
When the Kuru brothers, with uncle Shaukuni planned death,
Burning the lac Palace,
To eliminate the Pandavas
Who not only escaped,
Later went on to win the battle
Of Mahabharata
Of Dharma!
The acts of vengeance and retaliation
Never have led to the doors of salvation;
Yet, we keep watching in disdain
Against each other,Nations fighting,
The terrorists taking innocent lives
Nuclear bombs exploding across cities
Holding thousands of prisoners of wars…
If only wisdom and prudence could be drawn from the past
And the present painted with their hues
Would our craving eyes glimpse
A world of harmony and peace!

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