Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Sarah Malik


He strolled through the woods
searching for a reason

a reason for existence
a reason for his creation
and that lay
between galaxies and ground
beneath skies and souls
burrowed in mountains and minds
tired he was of a moribund life
Work pressure and endless strife
and somewhere in his mind it reigned
higher has to be life's aim
and so walked on for eons
till no thirst or crave perturbed
sullen and frayed
deciphering the cryptic colours and curves
mystified by marvels
he bowed in amazement
"speak to me O' universe
of your signs and ciphers"
with moon and stars as companions
and sun to elevate his patience
he deciphered the real existence
clearly differentiating mirage and reflection
the world is flat
huge and layered beneath
illusions are everywhere
except skin deep
In the wake of night
so much to see , hear and embrace
yet nothing is as it seems
the closest ones hidden underneath
and finally the universe did speak
when all concealed signs had unveiled
and fuming mist wiped out
on a night so dark and bleak
he stood in a state so euphoric
divinely composed yet a lunatic
embossing wisdom , engraved passion
he had reached his destination
It took no chants on shrines
he confirmed with a lilting mind
'what is utmost superior and true'?
"It is this soul which resides in you"

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