Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Saptarshi Dutt

Expression of Soul

as if a dark cloud decayed the body in a matter of seconds
and disposed of it some-where unknown.  
Never did I see a single sign of being psychologically sick. 
Not one piece of evidence to prove his existence.
Multiple memories of his wither away slowly. 
No discernment to his disappearance. 
Very vague memories of him, perhaps he was an illusion. 
Maybe, just maybe my imagination had gone too far with my mind.
No! His disappearance was real; but due to his irrelevance, and exodus he was forgotten in the conscious mind of mine.
Maybe it is time that I finally forget about all his haunting memories
And make myself pious.  
Gone he is, and gone he will be. 
So the acknowledgment of his existence is altogether irrelevant. 
He is now, and forever has and will be non-existent

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