Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, G S Vasukumar

I would like to drive with my dog
To some unknown serene place,
When the stars are shining in
The sky, so bright.
No other vehicle is behind me
To race;
While the path is illuminated
With the full moonlight.
I stop by some vast green
Grass land,
Lay down on the ground;
And rest my head
On my hand.
And listen to the crickets’ sound.
The sky is charcoal black,
Spread across with the blanket
Of stars quite far,
The silence brings joy to my heart
And peace to my mind.
I can make my objects with the
Twinkling stars spread
Across in the skies,
Occasionally, witnessing the
Dance of the fire flies.
I then close my eyes to wander
Into my dream,
While listening to the melodious
Music coming from a
Near by stream.

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