Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Elora Rath

If you can…

On the verge of quietus of pulse
He begged the omnipotent power
To meet his swain, the queen
Of his fantasy and lush dreams
Once before he truly begins
His voyage through the clouds
To rove down the wispy wind
Meander by the insipid rainbows
To a land unseen, forgotten, faraway
For the longest rest!
At last she leisurely came
In a sovereign's gait
Conquering the milieu
Clad in silvery white garb
A bouquet of white lilies
Swaying sedately in hands
Shedding driblets of tears
From those hazel brown eyes
Ceding the dew-wilted flowers
In his svelte calm stiffened arms
Wishing for well being and love
She began to leave soon
Casting a priceless charm!
Glimpse of the ethereal being
Made him pile out
Even in a quagmire
He ran behind silhouettes
Following fading shadows
Of the surreal woman
He pined for every moment
For cradling her existence
Chasing was never easy
Panting puffing long breaths
Sweat beads and simpers
Pain elevating with leaden steps within
Cleft crushed undying hopes
Effacing swelled corpse's grin!
Bewitched eyes beheld her
Peeped within sacs longingly
Asked for keen reasons
She chose not to reveal
Soaring heart, throes
Spurred to spout fen
For another chance
His image walked through
Her feeble body as if
Soaking slowly through a
Transparent membrane! 
He looked at his skin
In shock and amaze
The burns still afresh
The bones ember-ed
Fresh in cinders
His body in figments
His numbing stature
Glowing in flame
Screaming her name
Reflected sun rays!
She spoke to the wind -
Where ever you are
I wish you to be free
Apologies, I couldn't ever
Love you more than him
He heard, he stopped
He prayed, he flew
He plead, he miffed
He mused, he chide!
For the last ever moment
He went close to her
Held her in affinity
Stroked her loose hair
Limpid soul could not fathom
She was not any closer
Beneath the bougainvillea
Leafing through the pages
Of his benighted diary
A hushed air kissed goodbye
Few petals fell and rested
On a scarlet - stained page
On his passionate scribbles
When her timid fingers ran
Realm echoed the buried man's last words
Love me if you can!

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