Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Anmol Ankita

Through The Window

A speck of light passes from the window,
Finds me in the pitch dark, landing on my brow;
My lids too lazy and weary,
Flicker and hesitate to light up.
The dawn must have arrived,
Or is it some other dream?
I see nothing, but a ray of hope,
Or some deceiving beam...

My eyes had gripped my lids, trapping all the dreams within;
With some resolving thoughts, I looked at the window,
An unknown silhouette seemed to appear, charmed by its allure;
Mesmerising my calm breath, purifying my disturbed soul,
A divine grace seemed to be bestowed on me,
Or was it me day dreaming?

Senses lost to its core, soul walking deep aloof deep ashore;
Lids tightened by the enchanted slumber,
Yet my lips curve and my thoughts rumble;
A faint voice, an enticing poise, a mysterious touch
Is what my heart yearns for,
A known shadow, a clear illusion, tries to chase;
And there my dream smiles...

I look through the window,
The angel appear out of the door,
A mist of charisma is what she reflects,
A fog of thoughts is what her presence creates;
Without her, days turn longer than the seamless nights;
I follow my Evangeline, and the dusk arrives sooner,
Perplexed within, I chase the shadow, and there I find,
Through the window, a stranger amidst...

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