Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Ankit Jaiswal

Figment of Imagination

The figment of my imagination encapsulates
The freedom within…
And the Unconventionality truncates
The bizarreness unforeseen…
But as of late I discover a hollow within,
Smouldering fear to face the unseen…
 An uncanny sound of jeopardy,
That enforces to rebound even a sturdy,
Conspires to entitle me the buccaneer of my own sea,
Deadlock of emotions on a fatal spree…
Poured in featherbrained wrath
Dwindles away the momentarily faith,
Just like even a teensy bath,
Of a fly in fluid brings about its death…
The phenomenal legacy,
Results from an inculcated fallacy…
It sometimes effuses,
The undergone cuts and bruises!!!
Even shadows leave us in dark,
But frustration follows with its wizardly spark,
Burns to ashes the patience within,
Advertises severance to redeem…
Malignance bids to fill in the vacuum,
Insoluble petulance occupying the volume…..
The aggregation of my possessions
Rests on the fulcrum of that obsession,
And since the whole hearted inception
Can’t tolerate any dissociation…

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