Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Ajinkya Raut


Sit calmly
Stark naked
And place a mirror
And let it reflect
Truly, what you are

Absolve the pain
Merely forget that
There will be any,
And slowly now peel your skin.
Ignore that it bleeds,
its only transient

Beneath your skin now,
You will see your sins
Glimmering, shining
Like diamonds and more.
Sins are always attractive
Greed, gluttony, wrath
Sloth, envy, lust, and pride.
Unspeakable, yet tasted more than once.

Peel this layer too,
It’s difficult
Harder than ripping your skin off.
Sins cling
and we cling on more

Now you shall see :
A layer of virtues
Pristine and unblemished
And parts of it untouched
Unused perhaps
Sins certainly overpower
And virtues were rarely called.

Peel off this layer
It'll be easy
Easiest than all
What do you see then?
Do you see The Lord?
Do you see God?

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