Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Aditi Singh

Timothy, the Marvellous

Timothy took the earliest train to Guam. 
He bade a curt farewell to his tearful mom.
The journey was stiflingly hot and long. 
He was weirdly happy so he sang a cheerful song.
Scenic beauty and eccentric food awaited him. 
With so much walking to do, who needs a gym?
His purpose for visiting lived on a steep incline. 
Tim worried he was late but he reached just in time.
The woman who opened the door 
-looked nothing like his bride. 

But this was the same girl 
-who stole his fortune and slaughtered his pride.
Two quick bullets in her heart 
-and one for her boyfriend’s brain. 
Tim barely made it in time for the night’s last train.

If you cared to look closely, 
you could see his sparkly smile 
through the cascading rain.

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