Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Vinayak Pandit


Tell me, O Cop!
When you geared yourself
With the fugitive guards
What was on your mind?
Your own life ahead!
The religion of the terrorists!
The curses that were fired on you in the same day’s newspaper!

Tell me O Cops and Commandos and Civilians!
When you decided to head on the mission
What was on your mind?
You were the only dutiful and loyal citizens!
The scarce resources at your disposal!
Your parents and your off springs!

Tell me O Moshe!
What were you expecting on your second birthday?
Your day will start with your rabbi father and your mother caressing you!
Your deep sleep will separate you from your parents!
You were the only God’s child!

Tell me O Taj!
What was on your mind?
The monument after which you had been named
Raised from a tomb of a pure love
And you would arise as a tomb of hundreds of innocents
And of hatred!

Tell me O Nation!
What was on your mind?
One has to give so much for
The unity in the diversity!

Tell me O Qusab!
Were you ever deterred from the thought?
Of helping one’s beloved family
With mere a lakh and a half
By creating such mayhem!

And tell me O neighbour!
On what grounds you have demanded your own regime from us long back?
Do you fulfill as a responsible nation?
Do you respect your only citizens?-
Which have fled from us to you, creating mayhem here?
Do you respect only the so called proofs?-
With which you would never be satisfied with!

And tell me O rulers!
And the arrogant hermaphrodite forces you have created all over the world!
What do you think?
You will ever be successful
By starting you’re so called campaigns
By raising your selfish flags
On the ashes of the martyrs!

And… and…. finally O infinite intelligence!
What is there on your universal mind?
Do you act as a silent witness at such times?
Does there exist the phenomenon of justice?-
Or the innocence has to exit forever?
Tell me!!!

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