Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Longlist, Ankit Mahato


The trumpet blew, the race began
Swiftly left the shore as fast as I can
Suddenly I was hit by the waves
All hopes lost as there was no escape
Eyelids closed, I was lost in this abyss
But there was someone waiting,
So I didn't quit.
Cycling race was soon to begin
The day was beautiful and i knew exactly where i was heading!
Down the lane and across the valley,
I biked with full spirit.
The day was mine, I was miles ahead,
But fate, my dear, had other plans,
I stumbled, I fell, I remounted my bike, 
And silently crossed the finishing line...
Final day had set in,
I entered the stadium packed to brim
And I saw her standing silent and still.
she neva looked at me, but I, I could feel,
I was still in love with her, in love with her, indeed.
Soon there was a bang and race began,
She was smiling, cheering,
And amazing she looked in her white hat,
I ran in full spirit overtaking as many as i can
The final lap and there she was ,
Standing waiting for me with spread hands
I sprinted, crossed the line,
Embraced her with a whole hearted smile,
I lost the race, still, nothing else I had wanted in my life.
Let others cheer the winning man,
There's one I hold worthwhile;
It is he who does the best he can,
Then loses with a smile!

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