Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Sudeshna Thakurta


Goodbyes are for real
Charred bits
lay on the ground.
Rain, came down last night.
Wet earth.
Funny smell
diffused in the air,
The flame of hope,
I was an optimist.
Laughed at them,
who cried over their fate.
Told them,
certain things are meant to be.
I understand how wrong I was.
To colourful illusions,
my heart had fallen a prey.
Don't cry.
Don't you cry, honey!
What you saw
was a reflection
of your hopes, dreams.
I might be gone.
But, don't you cry!
Bask in the glory of the sun
till the daylight dissolves.
Sing the songs,
I taught you.
Words will linger,
down the edge of your mouth.
Incomplete will be the thought.
Goodbyes are for real.
The goodbye, I mumbled was real.

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