Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Rachna Bansal Gupta

Etched In My Mind

The city beckoned me and drew me into its folds.
It enveloped me with its mystery.
It lured me with its history.
And mesmerized me with the old world charm it had retained.
As I drove into the city,
Old trees that stood among the tall buildings greeted me.
They spoke of a time they remembered, they cherished.
They remained deeply rooted to the ground; strong and steady.
Each tree looked ready to devour anyone or anything that dared to touch their roots to broaden the road.
The temples loomed large in the distance
Devotees offering their fervent prayers,
Praying for miracles or just thanking God for their prayers being answered.
Some, like me just sat that enjoying the solitude and reading about the history of the wonderful creation that was present in front of my eyes.
And then, the vineyards drew me into its folds.
It captivated me with its aroma and then called me to learn about its beginning
- from the field to the bottle.
I watched, I absorbed and I drank.
At the end of the day I lay intoxicated - Was it the wine or the city; I still do not know?

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