Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Longlist, Prashanth Ashok

Etched In My Mind

When Cupid Threw a Hammer
He was Jack; his beautiful wife Jill
And their sweet kids Norah and Will.

Life was good; indeed was smooth
Why wouldn’t it, he was there to soothe
Two beautiful kids; both were pretty
The younger one all the more witty

“Thank You Cupid; for striking your arrow;
Without Jack, life would have been narrow”

All went well, until one dark night
Jack was drunk; his mind not right
Along came a girl, when he wanted to rest
Like a Greek Goddess, beauty at its best

That long night, two became one
Forget the others, they cared for none

News spread around, people did talk
Some, out of curiosity, decided to stalk
Poor Jill, why should she bear the brunt
Not able to hold; she chose to confront

“Of course Jill, I am walking away
This lady here has come to stay”

She was cornered; she was helpless
Without her Jack, life was lifeless
Revenge it is, she wanted to think
Her Jack was heavy; too heavy to sink

“Oh dear Cupid, why should it be me
I am helpless; why can’t you see”

Sweet Little Cupid; with his golden arrow
Wanted to help her; remove her sorrow
Teach him a lesson, I sure will
Without his wife; life is nil

But this was new; indeed the very first
For Cupid to break two lovers’ thirst

What should I do, to bring them apart
It should be discreet, indeed very smart
The arrow not to be used, not for this
What then to use, for it should not miss

“No bow; no arrow and certainly no glamour
Yes, I got it; why not throw a hammer”

Plan formed in his mind, Cupid decided to act
Handle it with care; indeed with added tact
With the first discord, he had to play it low
But as it so happened; it was the final blow

“Too brittle, these lovers sure are
How did it last, for times so far”

Back to senses, Jack saw his mistake
Also realizing how much he left at stake
What luck it was; that a loving wife he had
To leave her and walk, was his own bad

“Forgive me Jill, I don’t understand how
But it will always be you, the one I truly love”

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