Monday 10 June 2013

Twitter Fic 2013 Longlist


Sahil Chandwani
Amrit Sinha
Heema Shirvaikar


1. Sahil Chandwani

Math teacher- "LHS=RHS. Hence verified, everyone got that?" *silence* "Great, now lets move to exercise 4.5" #SchoolDaysMemories

Amrit Sinha

A Worthless Smile
"What do you see?"
"A face."
"A face?"
"Yes, with eyes, nose and a smile."
"But, these are worthless."
"Can a smile ever be worthless?"

Heema Shirvaikar

Anju had the brightest brain in the whole world. Just that the world didn’t know it yet. And they never would. She didn’t know it either. 



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