Monday 10 June 2013

55 Fiction 2013 Longlist


Amrit Sinha
Heema Shirvaikar
Vasukumar Gangapalli



A Ghost Love Story by Amrit Sinha

"Why can't you love me, Dearie?"
"Because you are not a human. You are a ghost."
"But what's that got to do with my emotions, Dearie?"
"Ok. Tell me. Do you have a heart to feel this love?"
"Oops. Err... I guess I lost it somewhere while playing basket-heart with the other zombies yesterday."

Old Clothes by Heema Shirvaikar

She sat down to clean out her cupboard one lonely afternoon, a warm cup of tea in her cold hands. She found a lot of his clothes, the ones he never bothered to take back with him. And there lying among them was her old wedding dress. The one she never got to wear. 

Eraser by Vasukumar Gangapalli





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