Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012 Longlist, Sudhanshu Pattanaik

Moment of Madness  

Urge )
Before my lips touched to kiss you - 
You were a stranger who came close enough to feel the warmth of my breath`
My imaginary world of love just let you intrude; and my faith around you got glued`.
The pulse of my love beat... My destiny calling the soul mate to meet;
 When you hugged me - i wish - you forget to leave me;
I surrender my body n soul but it was fair in love as whole ;
Loving you - i felt to get a second life,Where you were mine n i was your sweet Valentine .
You don't have to move heaven n earth - You know love is what i  do to you .
So after so many years n wit of loving cheers-When you moved on never to meet again;
I know you were not in your senses - when you said; "All was in Moment of Madness"
                                                                                                                                                             ( Passion)
I found thousand reason not to believe ;In the loving season you found reasons to leave.
 Love is so innocent to presume love a forever aim-When you innovate new ways to love the same .
The world i saw with You the moment shared with you-I wish i could finish what i started only with you .
So close so true and one day i couldn't see you-
I tried hard to rescue my love; ask - the winter,summer, rain n whoever the witness..
As for you it was all Moment of Madness...
                                                                                                                                                    ( Commitment )
Keeping the Love alive in "hue"-
With or without you .
If could go back in my past-
I will still love you .. because When i loved- You were You.
True love which you couldn't feel n see-Remember there’s no second me .
Love is so innocent to forgive with no vengeance- because-
I still love you and You loved me once.
So, Miss me as I Miss you –
My loving meanness In the Moment of Madness.

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