Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012 Longlist, Saumya Bansal

A Pinch of Past in The Soup of Present

Step by Step we travelled miles,
A journey which seemed so long, took just a while
We shared our likes, our choices and our dislikes
But now the time has changed don’t know how and don’t know why
When  I  know that  I am  intentionally letting you  go,
 And by no means I have a heart to say Adios’

When it pains , as acute as it can get
My  heart trembles and My eyes are wet
I cry, I pine, wishing I would have met
And  the pain increases.. as acute as it can get

When I know it’s nothing which could bring you back
Please think of an idea - Wise or Wack
Your spell is overwhelming, impossible to crack
And  I think of something magical to get you back

O yeah !! Crying at this hour is of no use
“Your” thoughts are enough to keep me amused
And  when I saw these messages, these mails when I peruse
I realize you are gone and my heart asks my woos

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