Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012 Longlist, S Anuradha

A Brief Tale

The winds of success touch and go
like a wind that just pass by, so
a nice sense can be felt so.
It's needs to be as a guest for ever
but not as a passing clouds that shower
It should not be seasonal but a perennial
that flows always and ever like a super power.
The winds of success bring a lot of inspiration
which makes to know our capacity and perfection
All this leads to a world of rejoicing and recreation.
The winds that sweep around us is chill and cool
the success sense of winds lead our feel and drill
the process of strength and power lead our will and miles.
The effect of success winds or a little shower of success
makes us drench like a bath in a shower.
This is a brief tale about a shower in a success winds.

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