Wednesday 25 October 2023

Poetry 2023 Longlist, Tejaswi Kalra


Climbing on- in search of what lay ahead,

Symphony caused and propelled by the fatigue,

Rocky in its way was the path-led to,

Trees in bulk, parked in order,

Blooming the existence of flora far and wide,

Air could feel your bitter breath too,

Such cleansing, making its mark, seemed stronger.

Presence of an aura so pure,

Made the mindful let go and dance,

Texture identified, woody crusts in galore,

Chirps sounding sweet, distracting and allure,

Seemed rather lonely in the expanse.

Squirrels- digging for carrots, craving for nuts,

Worms’ invisible crawling their way inside and out,

Leaves swirling cutting through the air,

As a sword bit by bit breaks away the crust,

Barks supported the dished-out sprouts.

Escape away from the world- so sour,

Squeezed the spirit and how,

Bothered and awakening the self to live,

By the abundance of shade this hour,

Wood had made me colder now,

Unheeding to the now rusty chains,

To those old squashers I had left behind.

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