Wednesday 25 October 2023

Poetry 2023 Longlist, Meetu Mishra

Tapestry of Love

Our precious bond of friendship,

as old as wine, they say,

lets celebrate together,

our moments,in time today,

both India and Nepal,

diverse, unique, breathtaking,

with stunning landscapes,

rich cultural heritage,

where beauty resides,not just outside,

but in,the hearts of people,

the treaty of peace and friendship,

has strengthened this bond,so special,

with arms wide open,we smilingly welcome,

across,our open borders,

there’s goodwill,trust,


deep-rooted connect,commitment,

Our brothers and sisters in Nepal,

with equal opportunities,in education,

and to prosper,matter of pride for us,

their legendary Gurkha Warriors,

serving Indian,British Armies,

bestowing highest military honour,

pride of both Nations,

may this bond of companionship,

grow deeper, stronger, everlasting.

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