Wednesday 25 October 2023

Poetry 2023 Longlist, Gursharan Sohal

The Quest For Salvation

In the deep down depth
of a human soul,
a yearn for salvation
is concealed as a whole...
Amidst the chaos in life
and the trials we face,
A restless mind has
a longing for solace...

From ancient scriptures
to the sacred chants,
Seeking redemption is
our spirit's dance...
In temples and mosques,
we kneel and prays,
Hoping for the salvation
to light our ways...

We crave deliverance
from the worldly strife,
and seeking a purpose
in this transient life....
Bound by desires and
the ego's reign,
We yearn for liberation
from the miseries and pain...

In search of answers
to the questions deep,
To find the eternal
and a soulful leap...
From earthly burdens
we long to be free,
To transcend our limits
to any boundless key...

Yet, salvation lies not
in the distant skies,
Nor in the temples, mosques
fed up with worldly ties...
But it dwells the within..
like a flickering flame,
And unveiling the truth
is the way to claim...

Through the mountains
and the oceans crossed,
We chase the 'salvation'
no matter the cost...
But the riddance's path
is in the journey-within,
And found the sacred
when the love begins...

It's in compassion's hug
and a helping hand,
Uniting the humanity,
to collectively stand...
It's in the acts of kindness,
and forgiving hearts,
Spreading the love,
the redemption imparts...

Let us awaken..
to our divine potential,
Embracing the unity
of souls essential...
"The quest for salvation"
is calmed in finding,
The unity in diversity,
and love for binding...

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