Wednesday 25 October 2023

Poetry 2023 Longlist, CJAnderson-Wu

Your Body Is Your Elegy

Last winter, our troops withdrew in a great haste 

without time to serve you a decent burial

This summer, we marched back 

without finding the cross 

we hurriedly erected for you

After the snow melted

you began to dissolve 

in the warmer wind blown from the south

in the chirping of birds returning

and during the convalescing soil's awakening

You exist within the stipa grass

among the mallow flowers

and amidst the spruce saplings

Embracing the revitalized forests

You manifest as the gradually expanding streams

meandering across the healing earth

unfurling and growing

You are the glistening reflections of

rippling water

subliming in the air

we breathe in

As we continue to march forward 

ready for our counteroffensive, you

transmute into mist, moistening our parched lips that

whisper a hymn

Your memorable elegy

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