Wednesday 25 October 2023

Poetry 2023 Longlist, Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan

Gifts Are The Grants Of The God

Gifts are the grants of the God
Sent through humans.
Gifts are the medium to help
The needy.

Gifts are the form of hope
Belief and faith in God
Gifts are the bridge that
Make people understand.
Gifts are the ways to show
Love, respect and care.

YOU be not a KARNA
And gift others
With gifts of mighty wealthy.
Filled the heart of KRISHNA.
Gift the true love and the eternal bliss.

Gifts of Nature is the care for the humans
Timely showers and flowers
Makes our life a gift to cherish.
Gifts always enrich our lives
Nature &God showering on us
Seeds, saplings turning to trees & fruits

Caterpillars turning to butterflies.
Grab the gifts, care and share
Like a sun and a moon
Who gift their light
To the entire earth standing so tall.

Give gifts and have the joy of giving
It’s the grant of the God, so don’t deny.

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