Thursday 24 November 2022

Shruthi Vatsavayi, Poetry 2022 Longlist

Crowds and Clouds

White cotton in the sky,

Passing by like a phase

To my childhood I said goodbye

Nothing changed in the sky.

The world might go on down below,

But something else speaks for up above

Always on the go but it looks the same way,

although different we can't help but stare

The one constant it might seem

in this ever going extreme.

Provides comfort, provides peace

to all those who seek it and all those who see

One forms a turtle, another a lion

one forms an pizza, i hope it's hawaiian

All those people looking at the sky

All those clouds carrying goodbyes

Each of them holding on to a thought

It travels farther more from the lot

How different they might be?

Or do humans think the same?

I guess we'll never know because

The clouds will never say.

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