Thursday 24 November 2022

Shefali Thapliyal, Poetry 2022 Longlist

 A Landfill of Random Feelings

There is a lot I have hoarded 

In the several years of my life 

The logic of it all I chase

But fail

Yet I bought a thing or two today again


I gather snippets from casual conversations

And stock pile them in a corner of my mind

The mind has cubbyhole space left

Since I refuse to clean up the past

Now when I look around

I see a mounting pile of heavy weight feelings

Which have grown roots 

And refuse to be weeded out

My inner self now resembles a deserted railway station

Riddled with overgrowth and wildlife 

It’s beautiful in a way that crowded things are

Chaotic, crass, certified wild

I grow heavier by the day

Every single sensation now a stone

Like an abandoned pet

I bark in the direction of what was my home

Waiting to be welcomed back

But the labyrinth of all my feelings

Does not let me move anymore

I stand and watch the world move forward 

As I slowly turn into a rusted machinery

No longer in use.

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