Thursday 24 November 2022

Jovitha Joys, Poetry 2022 Longlist

 The Christmas Tree

I was all lit up and glowing so bright 

Just a week or so ago 

When it was  time for the thanks giving 

The Christmas cheer in all hearts,

young and old

Then came the Christmas touch

In a day or two

beads of yellow, green and blue

gleamed through my branches in  the warmth of the hues

Garlands adorned me in spirals of red and gold

Merry children ran around me with glee

The golden Star perched on the top

 shined and shimmered in the silver of the moon

And now I am all set  to be wrapped up in  mourn  

In the corner of the empty room,

Where the grey-haired whiskers gloom

in a Christmas dream

Where  my tangles retort to the wait so dry 

And my senses resort to the past gone in haste

The dust of sorrow shrouded me in grey 

But the spider adorned me in strands of silver

 And weaved a dream out of the meshes

And then I was caught in that dream so vain

Until the dawn of the coming Christmas week.

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