Thursday 24 November 2022

Amar Agarwala, Drabble 2022 Shortlist

The Last Local

His entire next day depended on his waking up on time. Not a moment to lose.

Someone shook him awake, Shreyash opened his eyes to find the train at the last station. The platform looked deserted, he turned around to thank his benefactor only to find no one.

Dazed, he got down and was confronted by a man wearing a dark coat.

“Ticket please?”
Then Sheyash told the man about how he was awoken.

The ticket checker had a mysterious smile, “These things happen, particularly in this last local. But don’t worry, they are friendly ghosts."
“Who else could vanish into thin air?”

Momentarily Shreyash glanced behind to look at his compartment. Turning around, he stood stunned to find no one.

The man seemed to have turned to ether.


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