Sunday 15 August 2021

Zepphora Lyngdoh, Poetry 2021 Featured Writer


Tirot Singh Syiem

There he’s explicitly sculpted in marble and stone
Beyond the tangible form, carefree; he stands alone.
A century and more has passed by, yet your legacy pertains;
The persona of a fighter in our heart remains.

Nothing comes easy for humble hearts like you
You had to char yourself and sacrifice much, too.
Embellished in a vicinity, that could hardly compare
With the pain, the relentless anguish and the vision no one could share.

Contemplating the rise of an unknown cacophony
You couldn’t bear the brunt of the unsaid melancholy
Exuberating resilience and immense fortitude
You fought, you won; you never skewed!

Selflessly, you thwarted the plans of the adversary, aside;
Unfathomable, unfazed, you took everything in your stride.
True valor and honor do not have a price;
Respect and the love of many, for you sufficed.

The imminent danger that lurked beneath us
Alienated or a vanished identity? Shoved by the tide of influx;

Amidst the chaos and conflictions that seemed unjust’
From the shadows of oblivion, the unsung hero redeemed us.

The alluring beauty of my homeland captivates me
Her serene tranquility, motivates me conscientiously
“Tis my Lovely Land” – you have it all
Outstanding resources, the lakes, the gleaming waterfalls.

Your value, your dearness cannot be compared’

When the dauntless tales of our warriors, who didn’t falter are shared.

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