Tuesday 10 August 2021

Sonali Sapna, ShortStory 2021 Longlist

DA looked Vanilla

Should we abduct you? But that way they will start looking for me and the chase will never get over. What do you suggest then? On the secluded night in Ghaziabad, a girl was crossing the road and something, maybe a truck just came and disfigured her face along with breaking 85 bones in the body. And she, who is she, by the way? She was a regular working girl from Bihar. And her story is over. The family cried, friends mourned and known-ones sympathized.

DA is another lady who overhears one weird conversation, “The wedding will take place in Chandni Chowk and children are planning for it.” DA finds this statement weird but what she sees is scarier. Among those three men, one had a gun in his pocket which was peeping out along with his underwear. She gets alert and chases them. I don’t understand what the 5 feet 2 inches common-looking girl is doing especially when she can’t even stop gasping. DA throws the needles (those looked like needles, at least to me) on these heavy weighted men and they all fell down. She is looking for something in their pockets and the police arrive faster than one could imagine and they manages. She walks away.

That day, one news flash on TV and ten bombs were planted in Chandni Chowk and they all got defused. And the DA folklore continues from year 2022 to 2032. Another news flash on December 14th 2032 that R&AW’s secret service field specialist has been abducted by the terrorists and who are demanding Mohd. Azai Ansari (Lashkar-e-Taiba's commander) to be released. It has shaken up the whole world but one

middle class family in Bihar gets the 10 years old panic attack after watching the video uploaded by the terrorist group featuring DA.

The whole family runs to the police station and even the R&AW office in Delhi. For the first 5 hours, the officials shunned their request to meet but the family blackmails to go to the media then they finally get to see DA’s office from inside. It again takes another 2 hours for the family to make them accept that yes, DA is their daughter, Aarti. R&AW tells them that this was DA’s idea to fake her death so that she could completely immerse in this work without any baggage.

The list of questions was getting longer and longer for the family. How did this girl end up becoming this magnanimous secret service agent? The last thing they remembered when she lost Rs. 18,000 Indian rupees in the cyber crime and she went to the police but nothing happened.

Aarti went to the police and they shared their inability to find the culprits as by then there were about 89 cases registered by different people. In her case, the mode of crime was through Google Pay and one mobile number from Jharkhand got identified. Aarti said what if she tried to get in touch with the offender. She immediately got refuted. When she mocked their plan then unwillingly, the police tilted the head in affirmation. Aarti prepared the false crowdfunding story that her brother is sick and needs 12 lakhs Indian rupees in a month for the operation and there is no immediate family as they died due to COVID in the year 2020.

She sent it to him and also wrote "in return, I am ready to help the funder as well and to win the trust, I can even talk over the phone." But nothing happened for two days. On the third day, she received a call from an unknown number at 1:25 AM, she alerted the police while being on the call and realized that Ratnesh had drunk-dialed. Aarti cried her lungs out in front of Ratnesh and even thanked him for checking on her as she was feeling lonely. Ratnesh also provided his virtual shoulder to her and said how he wants to solve her problems.

Aarti took him to her world where she has been called names like slut, prostitute and what not because she is unmarried and there is no man in the house to take responsibility for her and the brother. She even showed interest in becoming a prostitute to save her brother. Ratnesh stopped her then and there with the commanding voice that he is there for her and she never needs to think anything this brutal. And the calls and even video calls continued. Ratnesh arranged 8 lakhs Indian rupees in just 14 days and Aarti shared how she raised 2 lakhs rupees from crowdfunding platform and has sold her wedding jewelry (left by parents) and has managed to have the expenses for her brother’s treatment in Ranchi. Ratnesh deliberately offers his presence in the hospital and comes there and gets welcomed by the Police. But the police are unable to re-track the money as the stolen money gets floated outside the country. Aarti again offers her services and this time, the police take her onboard with much more faith. She reaches out to the Gang-leader of Ratnesh by asking him to help her in getting Ratnesh out. The lady again offers everything, even herself to save him. Gang leader Pratap says that he will be out of the lock-up in a day as the boss has a great influence. Aarti leaves the burning matchstick in the gang. She says she needs proof that everything will be alright as Ratnesh already had a doubt in the gang that they were going to use him as the scapegoat. Doubting her narration, Pratap asks her to meet in Deoghar to discuss further and the police reach there and get the mobile numbers and account numbers of UAE. All the found accounts got frozen which belonged to the terrorist funding players.

It was no ordinary work for an ordinary girl like Aarti. From romancing the strange criminals to doing phone sex with them was hell lot of risks. The sensation created from Bihar to Delhi that the commoner has done an uncommon task. She was told to keep everything a secret otherwise her life will be at risk. Even Aarti wanted the same. She was told to meet the R&AW officials as they wanted to thank her personally as an honor. The girl on cloud 9 visited and there was a proposition that if she would like to work as an agent unofficially without any position then they would do an interview. Aarti asked for 15 minutes and was about to touch her phone and she was told that she will never be able to share this with anybody.

There was no looking back and she agreed but she almost got rejected for one answer where she was asked “what is your purpose to join?” The smiling girl responded “to find the missing excitement and to kill the boredom, I would like to do something meaningful and important and full of fun.” The interviewer laughed out loud and said “is this the entertainment world or what? She can’t join with this intention.” Aarti got scared and drank a glass of water, held her breath back and mustered the courage and said “you have the police department and all the security agencies who promise to give their lives to your country but still look incapable to me. So, it’s better to be like me and have the passion to complete the task, no matter what.”

Her dramatized life started from India to Nigeria, Nepal, UAE, Pakistan and other 8 countries in 10 years. The past has come out in front of you all but there is no trace of her present, now. Aarti aka DA is somewhere on this planet and doing what- nobody knows. Is she alive? DA is sitting in an old building with the roped hands, feet and neck. She has a glimpse of higher trees peeping inside the window. There are five men- three are maybe in their early 30s, one is in late 30s and the last one is in his early 20s. Youngest one’s role is to clean the room, washroom, utensils and even prepare the food, most of the time. It feels he is being subjected to the ragging. He seems little lost and always obedient who barely sees anyone in the eyes.

Today is the 5th day of kidnapping. They all are observing Roza and behave alright with her. Though the shortest man, Aman among them, sometimes ends up beating the shit out of DA. Every time, Nawaz, the youngest and others remind him of the month of Ramadan to save her. Nawaz then becomes DA's nurse on the command of others. One day, there was a lot of bloodshed on her body, so Nawaz took her to the

washroom to clean, she was barely conscious. Next day, when he handed over the glass of turmeric milk during the sehri, she held his hand and thanked him for being there for her and for not taking advantage of her. Nawaz’s hands were shaking badly but held himself back and said in the tough tone “firstly, I am in a war, can’t seek pleasure and secondly, in the holy month of Ramadan, he restricts himself from all these uncalled-for acts. DA smiled and looked into his eyes for a fraction of seconds and with a blink, he left. While peeing in the toilet, she almost shouted with the pain and Nawaz started knocking on the door and DA opened it up. He found her on the floor with the underwear dangling below the thigh. He was aghast there as if he had seen the half-naked woman for the first time. She asked for his hands and then he helped. She ended up holding him from the neck and his neck got touched with hers. He rolled his fingers by pulling her panty towards upside. They both were panting heavily. But suddenly, he put the commode seat down and made her sit on it. He then sat down to pull her trouser up and she leaned herself on his face to get the support. At one point of time, his face was between her pair of breasts. Later, he took her outside and washed her hands. These moments start recurring.

One day, she was so beaten up that she could hardly move her fingers. Others took Aman outside to calm him down. Nawaz, the nurse, was frightened and thought that DA might not survive today. While cleaning up in the washroom, he started unclothing her to change her into clean clothes. DA opened her eyes in another 12-15 minutes and whispered in his ears “what do you guys do to satisfy your sexual needs? I can’t control myself anymore.” And kissed his ears. He sat on the other side and closed his eyes. She held his hands and tried to get up and kissed his eyes and then cheeks and finally, the untouched lips. Nawaz held DA’s hands as if he would never leave them ever. DA started lingering his penis by strongly rubbing it with the hands. Nawaz was gasping like anything. He was so loud that DA had to kiss him to control. Now, Nawaz was the in-charge. He started touching her vagina with his penis and dove himself in her breasts. And there was no stopping by now. When he was in the last stage, DA softly said “we all are here to kill others but you are the only one who is there to save and support everyone. You are the messiah, the true child of Allah. I am so blessed to touch your soul.” And Nawaz said nothing except kissing her pair of eyes.

This continued for a week now. Nawaz has started looking into her eyes, only her eyes. Now, he doesn’t get uncomfortable around her. Once, DA asks him “have you ever killed someone?” And there was this numb silence. She lifted his chin up and asked “what are you doing here?” Nawaz responded “My whole family does this. All I have learned from childhood is to join LeT. What else could I do?” DA further inquires “what was your dream?” He shied away but DA’s grip on his wrist was way too stronger than he thought. Nawaz said with the stammering “Tourist Guide, tourists give amazing gifts to the guides and I like monuments.”

They heard the footsteps and got separated. On 25th day, DA uttered to Nawaz “why don’t you leave from here and do what you like?” Nawaz says “that’s not easy and I can’t leave you here with the monsters.” She tells the poor lad “why don’t you create a way for me to get out and you run away before me. When everyone will be busy searching for you. I will also run away.”

On 21st of January, 2032, Nawaz whispers in DA’s ears “When you take left from this building, you need to walk for about 7 km and then take a right, you will find the water well at another 3 km. From there, you will have to go 3 km and there is one Hindu Basti. My people will never enter that place. I am leaving tonight. You too can after a day.”

That afternoon, they had to take the ration and Nawaz made it clear “anyway, I do all the work here and Aman Bhaijaan creates a lot of havoc, I can’t deal with it.” Everyone clapped, patted his shoulders and said “now, the boy has turned into the man.” They all left. And Nawaz and DA made love as if there will be no morning again. At times, he was on the top, feeling his manhood and at times, she was on the top,

making him a gentleman. And they did kiss each other’s soul along with every body part. The unending desire had to stop after all, they were together for the past two hours.

Next morning, nobody could find him and initially, they started mocking him that maybe they were wrong about him becoming the man. Who knows maybe he is getting turned into a man or the eunuch by some wild animals? Everybody laughed but he didn’t return by afternoon. They all started looking for him in pairs by leaving 2 people beside DA.

It continued for 2 days and Aarti, sorry DA got herself out of there. After more than two hours, she reached outside the Hindu Basti but took a different route while self-talking “I am done with the young lad. I can’t waste my time and energy on a douchebag. He is too boring. May he become a human being of not our type.”

On her way, she kept collecting a certain kind of thorns without getting pricked. DA ended up meeting two terrorists and she managed to prick them with the thorns and they collapsed and died. After 20 minutes, she ended up seeing Aman and she held his wrist from her jaw and actually, took the flesh out of his wrist from her mouth and then she pricked him to death.

DA was looking like a wild tigress on a hunt and she was out on the national highway somewhere in Kerala. She started asking the vehicles to stop. After 15 minutes, one vehicle stopped and she called from the driver’s number. Later, when she was asked how she came out of it and how many men were there, she shared “there were 4 men and 3 out of them are dead. One was left behind to share my victory with his boss, on purpose. And every story is not for public display.”

Till the time her family would reach her, she vanished and her seniors advised them “please consider her dead for you as this human eater gets vanished and re-immerses in years to be found and again gets lost.”

This was Aarti’s story of becoming Durga Awasthi, Danish Akram, Dolly Aggarwal, Danika Agasthya, Destiny Akhouri, Damira Khan and to sum up from Aarti to DA’s. DA has been the infamously known as “Indian Human Eater” who looks all vanilla. When R&AW was asked more about her, they shared: -

• Killings by her- More than 1500 in 10 years (She barely gives right data, we can’t confirm). • Stopped 87 bigger bomb blasts in 7 countries (saving about 1 crore population) and mostly in India.

• There have been 47 (known) attempts of her assassination.

• She has directly been involved in the recovery of Rs. 15,000 million Indian rupees from the terrorist outfits.

• (And one special life of Nawaz has also been saved today. Although, he has no clue that there are 100s of Nawaz like him but he has just got saved. After all, he was harmless and required in the time of need, all sorts of needs. – They didn’t say this but Aarti did while self-talking).

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