Sunday 15 August 2021

Leann Rodrigues, Poetry 2021 Shortlist


An overthinker; her mind was bait

One to overshare; then memories were fate.

She walked through the alley

With footsteps in the back that echoed frailly

And seemed to ambit her wit’s old gambit.

“It’s your hamartia, dear

You think so harsh, it’s causing you fear.

A fatal flaw that’ll eat you raw

And leave you insecure to be the bullseye

Of matadors who seek spite so high.

She was told, she was warned,

Hurt, and terribly scorned.

Her thoughts turned intrusive, her lips

Spelled Judas as they betrayed, spilling the beans

That she had carefully quipped.

But it so occurred, one night

The alley that manifested her greatest fright.

Consumed, devoured, and concealed her plight.

She overshared, but the conundrum in her head

Was untangled by the words she overly spread.

She knew she felt safe

As long as the words fell out to get aid.

The voices in her head, found an outlet so great.

“It’s hamartia”- they said.

“Querencia”- Her lips, they shed.

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