Sunday 15 August 2021

Kajoli Kanda, Poetry 2021 Magazine


It is faith!

Faith in a superhuman? Or

Faith on idols or pictures?..........

It is faith within,

Faith that someone, something divine is there,

For us to move on, move ahead but actually where?

It is belief!

Belief in chanting? Or

Belief on holy water or holy books?....................

It is belief within,

Belief that our prayers will be answered,

For us to be positive, but when and where?

It is unity!

Unity among individuals? Or

Unity as a group?

It is unity within,

Unity that together we stand

in thick and thin,

For us to be confident, but will there be any spin?

It is teaching!

Teaching of caste and creed? Or

Teaching of divinity and devotion?

It is teaching within,

Teaching that whether we kneel down,

whether we sit or stand,

whether we fold hands or hymn,

The learned will survive in bright and dim.

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