Sunday 15 August 2021

Joydip Bhattacharyya, Poetry 2021 Magazine


You have been a sea

Vast and tireless

Making my sand-bank heart exasperate

In your wild hunching waves

They come rolling

Curling one by one

They drag themselves

Unto my jarring pebbles

Littered in quiet, incumbent

All of a sudden a squall

Dismantling all jarring rolls

Snuffs off such tamed wilderness

Then the sun shines

Only to take your soul away

Lifting up the spirit now forms clouds

Of a vast tireless sea

Up there, congealed

And in some lone night of turmoil

From those sullen clouds

You shed darts of drizzling rain

And thunder

Upon the soulless sea

Below a sand-bank heart

Exasperating still

In gay of decaying.

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