Sunday 15 August 2021

Geetanjali Maria, Poetry 2021 Shortlist


A million questions I had had

Now lay buried under six feet of earth

The wrinkles that I once disgusted

I realize now had seen more sorrows and little joys than I ever knew

In them lay hundreds of tiny stories

Of struggles, of fights, of peace, of joy

How late I was in realizing your value

Lost in a world that measured worth in binary digits

And chased all things worldly

Never did I realize that you're as gold as the antiques I value

Why didn't I talk to you more?

Why didn't I listen to you more?

How I wish God would give me just five minutes more with you?

But the clock has ticked away

My questions unasked

My love ungiven

and My heart unopened

I realize you are now gone

And I mustn't repeat my mistake

It takes only a smile, a touch, and a gentle pat

To make meaningful memories

And eliminate regrets

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