Sunday 15 August 2021

Dikshya Sarangi, Poetry 2021 Magazine

 A bride 

A beautiful bride 
In the beaming red spotted veil and saree 
Goes to her in laws house, 
Embellish with a magnificent smile 
To be decorated in a photoframe 
She controls  myriads of pain 
In her tender shining eyes. 

She goes with all the unfulfilled dreams 
Those hidden and unspoken desires 
The childish feminine tantrums 
To be loved like a daughter, friend 
Leaving behind half of her relations 
To make another world heaven like. 

She sacrifices her own desires 
For the happiness of her loved ones 
Dedicates herself without any ends 
The Devine transformation 
Made by almighty in the disguise of him 
Veiled every family from all the adversities. 

The journey from a beautiful girl, glee of home to 
A beautiful woman Pride of the home 
She plays all the characters with whole heart 
buried in the grave like a legendary woman 
Bringing tears in every one eyes 
And again she get united with God 
A petite sand amalgamate with heaps 
Again to be loved by omniscient Almighty. 

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