Sunday 15 August 2021

Bhagyashree Chawrekar, Poetry 2021 Magazine

 I Wonder

'Do you wonder?' I wonder,
Of the way that I’d come to you.
I can arrive with the expected slowing on the monitor
Or with the unexpected sound of a gun shot aimed right at you.

I can take you away gently,
A smile on your face and your heart content.
Or you could be screaming in silence,
Your eyes flashing with regrets, mistakes and unfinished plans.

'Do you wonder?' I wonder,
Where you’d be as I’ll come to you.
Would you be surrounded by love, prayers and stubborn hope,
Or would you be alone draped in jewels, surrounded by gold?

Would it be chaos or peace as we leave?
Would the ones left behind mourn the loss of you?
Or would there be sighs of relief and hidden grins?
As if you were a prison that they broke through.

‘Do you wonder?’ I wonder,
Of the time that I’d come to take you away.
Do you want it to be in the silence of a cold night?
Or would you rather prefer the noise of a busy day?

And soon you’ll realize none of it matters,
perhaps what matters is what comes after.
Not the heaven you seek or the hell you fear,
But what would become of you once we leave here.

Would you be remembered with a fond smile?
Or would you be carried away like your ashes by the waves of time?

Would you remain a picture in a frame,
And The words on your grave,
or would you be written as a story
told and remembered time and again?

Do you wonder?

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