Sunday 30 May 2021

Divvisha Bharti, Prose 500 2021 Longlist


Had Chhotu known that it's going to vanish soon, he would have taken utmost care to save it all. A  little six year old boy started collecting the shells from the beach while he accompanied his father to the beach to sell coconut water. Rolling on the sand, picking one, jumping onto the other, digging the sand, Chhotu kept on doing this for about ten minutes. He collected twelve shells of different shapes and sizes when his father called him, “ Chhotu come fast, come fast”.

He left the collected shells and ran towards his father. His father introduced him to the group of travellers who had come to the beach to relax and rejuvenate. He asked him to show some of his dance moves and entertain them. “Chhotu, zara dance karke toh dikha”.

Soon the travellers went back and Chhotu realised that he had left his shells. He rushed to get them but before he could reach and grab them, a long wave washed them away. He came disappointed to his father and told him what happened.

His father encouraged him to go again and look for other shells. He started his search again but this time because he was disheartened, he found one beautiful shell but left it there and went to sit with his father.

Few minutes later, he saw a little girl pick that shell and take it along with her. He kept looking at her till the sight faded.

Gloomily he kept sitting with his father in the shop and staring at the sea. His father came and asked him to pick up the cloth beside the stacks of coconut. The moment he held the side of the cloth & overturned it, he saw four very beautiful shiny blue colored shells.

 His father said “Chhotu come here, bring them here”. He did what his father asked him to do. His father gave him a very valuable lesson for life. He said “ We only realise the worth of something when it’s gone. What is important is to take care of everything every time. We don’t when we are going to part ways with it. Whether we are destined to have it or not. So, it is very much important that you take care, appreciate and be grateful for things that you get in life, cherish them and value them”.

Chhotu or Dr. Damodaran, closed the book, adjusted his specs and addressed the huge gathering of MNC on their annual day.

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