Saturday 1 August 2020

Shivani Dua, Poetry 2020 Longlist


Faith is not just a five lettered word

Its depth is beyond these letters,

Deep in the crevices of heart is its abode

Where like a butterfly it perches,

So frail so fragile yet powerful

So frail- can shatter at slightest misunderstanding

Handled carefully –has the power to shake even sturdy hills,

But is it so easy to handle??

Is it pliable enough to suit your whim??

No, not at all

Trials and tribulations it puts you in

Testing patience at every step,

You groan

No trace of mercy is shown,

You twist and turn

You writhe and twitch,

You burn in the furnace

Pounced by rigorous hardships,

You cry….you wail

Alas! To no avail,

The stern taskmaster

Tests in unique ways,

Clipping the wings of fancy

Trampling the dreams under its boots

For your wails it cares two hoots,

With the fire of faith burning bright

Keeping negativity at a bay

You overcome…..come what may,

Then it will say-Hey! You won

Open your arms and hug the bright new day.

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