Saturday 1 August 2020

Sagarika Chetty, Poetry 2020 Longlist

An Epiphany


I was once, too submissive 

I aspired to be your perfect one 

My dreams restricted to your presence 

I was losing touch of my own essence 

And when I asked myself again 

Why have I changed myself?

For whom have I changed myself?

Is it worth it? 

Can I ever be able to reverse it?

And just then, an epiphany struck my mind 

Change for the better, change for the worse 

But those transitions for your own self 

And never ever for those ignorant others 

Your every step counted 

Your every move calculated 

Your every feeling felt and desired

Shall solely be dedicated to your raging fires 

If love is true and lasting 

And if those threads of faith are still, binding 

There shall never be present preset conditions 

Only loyalty joining those everlasting creations 

Never stoop down, never belittle yourself

Never compare your soul with someone else’s 

Such life lessons, such advises I have learned 

Taught by me, to me, those glistening pages that I have earned

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