Saturday 1 August 2020

Preeth Ganapathy, Poetry 2020 Featured Writer

Covering the Distance

“A pregnant woman, who was walking home from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh in the middle of the ongoing lock-down, delivered a baby on the road. She then walked for another 150 kilometres.”-May 13th, India Today

a distance that strong winged eagles

take days to fly

covered in atomized feet

that ooze sweat and drip grit

treading over the desert sands of hunger

tiding over the mirage of sleep

not stopping as newborn lime green shoots

of life spiral in search of light

defying theorems of the body that get into play

after the herculean task of child birth

not waiting for the sinews to cut through the red tape

of rest, not wanting the limbs to pause nor take a breath

lest the candle flame cupped in the palm of hope flickers

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