Saturday 1 August 2020

Neelam Saxena Chandra, Poetry 2020 Longlist

The Inner Voice

Sinewy summer had raised its head irate,
Everything burnt and charred,
The leaves turned yellow under its spell,
And obituaries were paid to the streams;
My body too was scorched with its intensity
And my spirits were seared and singed,
And yet, an inner voice said,
“You can!”

Powerful rains played pompously
On the plate of the earth,
The entire milieu was inundated with pain,
Trees and buildings were yelling hard
In their efforts to steadily stay;
My spirits too were dampened and inundated,
And yet, an inner voice said,
“You can!”

Bitter winters began to brutally bite
The fragile skin of the earth
Rendering it lifeless and numb,
Winds brought with them darkness and doom,
There were neither dusks nor noon;
My spirits were covered
With blankets of murk and gloom,
And yet, an inner voice said,
“You can!”

Well concealed in the chambers of the mind,
Resides an inner voice, composed and calm;
Listen to it whenever in difficult moments,
And shall pass away all the storms!

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