Saturday 15 August 2020

Jimeet Kour, ShortStory 2020 Longlist


Window With An Emotion

Mom’s sounds were whispering in my ears; dear wake up, it’s already 8:00 o’clock; now the clock has also frustrated to see you sticking to bed all the time. I slowly peeped out of the blanket with a rough look towards the clock and keep. I was drowsy at the moment and were continuously saying to myself the whole long day starts again. I saw a fade look of person out of the window, it gains my attention as I had never seen him before. I fore fronted me towards the window and kept my hands on the window pane; my nose was plucked with the glass; I feel like I am spy at this moment. I was familiar that our neighbor is doing some sought of construction but that has finished a month ago, but alas this construction had started again which always creates a kind of chaos in the locality. I find an old man having white beard covering his all face; the light wrinkles were striking his pale face, his eyes were outraged with stress; one of his ear carries a pencil, from which I find that he was a carpenter. He was wearing a white checked loose t-shirt with black loose pant. He was carrying two pieces of wooden boards in his hands. He was working on the top floor of the hut house but there was no concrete stair to reach upward, so he was using a bamboo stair, whose planks were so loose to keep a person on a plank and some planks were covered with nails. I took a deep sigh that how will he reach upward, I was so worried at the moment. He put his feet on the first plank; his legs were shivering; as he was holding the two wooden boards as well. He slowly goes to next and then next with that shiver in his legs but finally reaches the balcony of top floor. I was so vexed at the prominence and said to myself that the work of labor never ends since he grows older and no one cares for him, as he is poor and have to feed his family at the last stake of his life.

My mom called me again, Jimeet woke up we will have a breakfast together dear. I leaved the window reaches the washroom in order to fresh up. I joins mom in the kitchen area, hey mom morning. Mom replied; number of times i had corrected you that it’s not appropriate to wish only morning; it is GOOD MORNING, I think it may be hectic for you to add a sweet word good to it. I replied, not again mom; lectures on morning. I took a cup of tea reached the room, kept the cup on the table and again started spying on the old man. But he was not there at the prominence, my eyes were ruthlessly finding him. I came back and started drinking the cup of tea, it was mild cold; giving an essence that the winters are at the door very earlier this year. I was in routine of cleansing the whole room every day so i finished the tea and get the broom from store house. When I bring the broom, I was shaking it in air; like I am the queen of the kingdom who is shining her stars. Today I selected the last room of the house to clean that first because no one lives in a particular room that is why the dust has reached to extreme level in this tiny room. I opened the window of the room, there was spider webs covering that window; shaked my broom on it; I find my backyard of house had become very cool this year, as my dad had grown the corns and some vegetables at the sight. The vibrant green always soothes the eyes; relieves all pains and tensions. The corns were so tall, shaking their heads in joy. It seems like they were talking to each other and gossiping about me. I took a deep sigh and returned to my own world by saying let them gossip…

Window is not only a part of house in order to ventilate; it carries the bunch of memories and an emotion which is priceless

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