Saturday 1 August 2020

Harsha Shastry, Poetry 2020 Longlist

Breaking Rough!

Poem Background:

In 2020, a potential hazard Asteroid by name ‘Zack’ was discovered, which started coming very close towards earth. The NASA and Astronomical Scientists although warn the people, later they began to ignore it as the ‘Zack’ seemed to go just away from earth. However, without any notice, the gravitational Keyhole suddenly pulled it towards earth (On to the borders of China and North Korea.) and suddenly understanding the emergency, NASA sent Alarming message to the president of China. The common people and military enforcement at the borders of both China and North were ordered to evacuate as quickly as possible. In the most dramatic event of evacuation, a Chinese Military Colonel (who was about to retire the same day) predicts another disaster than the dangerous ‘Zack’. It is the ignorance of Human values. 

The people around him began to act most selfishly and make sure that the Border guarding North Korea remains closed at any cost. The old Colonel had only two choices, either to obey his senior General’s command or to act with humanity. In the end, his heart decides the later. Will he be able to save the innocent people who were struck on the other side of North Korea? And in Time?        


1) Potential hazard 'Zack' is Back, threatening as ever

The world on high alert, track it being too clever

Nonetheless, the boffins believed it is going just away

They laugh and say, the earth shall never have it pull


2) Sadly, the keyhole does love the moving planetoid

He pulls the 'Zack' with his high attentive attraction

Highlighting the irony of Cosmo magnetic effect

So the hazard Zack is Back eyeing the border of China


3) Save us! save us! scream the helpless populace 

The gaffers have an alerted talk, time and again

Giving orders to China border to evacuate

Notwithstanding, poor North Korea begin to cry


4) The gaffers of both Asian countries not on good terms

Big Uncle China decide to dominate and ignore

The long border wall shall never be opened to kid Korea

Humanity hides its true face as selfish takes over


5) One man stands tall even in dire, he is ‘Bing Sang Zo'

The colonel on his last day of duty receives order to evacuate all, save Koreans

‘They are not our men', says the too proud China military gaffer

Let them be victims of natural disaster and sacrifice their ignored life


6) The military men of the army hitherto rush people of China faraway

But Bing Sang Zo say ‘no’ and rush to the wall where Zack is to soon fall

He takes the humanity thor and starts breaking the wall

Time runs fast, but not his old hands, with full force; he breaks and makes a crack


7) There it is, a 'Hole in the Wall' for the first time in history

Using the opportunity the Koreans too crouch out of danger

Bing helps Women, kids, older humans as quickly as he could

While he grabs the red eye of his gaffers, yet he manages to save the innocents


8) ‘It is the contempt of duty, contempt of military order’

Reports the military officers to the China court later

‘Let him be punished, let him be thrown out of China’

They screech in a high-pitched voice at the Supreme People’s Court


9) The Judge under no grudge, smiles at their selfishness

‘Bing is an unsung ‘Hero’; his act is not at all 'Zero'. 

He is the one, who showed the true facet of humanity,

Bing is to be sung and not blamed,’ the chief Judge declares


10) Thus 'Bing Sang Zo' is relieved of all cases and sadly from duty too

The old man accepts the judgement with humbled eyes

He walks in the new free City as rescued Koreans look at him with praising eyes

The just retired Colonel mumbles, 'I may be off duty now, yet my humanity stays'




10 A) ‘It will continue to work as long as he lives', the media announce boastfully

Thus the story of a hero is no more unsung as his name stays in the book of history Eternally.

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