Saturday 1 August 2020

Esha Saini, Poetry 2020 Featured Writer

Living In Fear

A fear etched into my conscience,

My gaze riveted straight ahead,

A deserted street and a lone woman,

Cannot muster the courage,

To contemplate the consequence.

Everyday phenomena,

Their gazes,

Making my skin shrivel,

Turning a deaf ear,

To the comments they make,

Objectification is the new normal,

And who is responsible?


For provoking the young minds,

For wearing clothes,

Not apt for their eyes,

For travelling alone at night,

Means inviting the innocent minds,

In the end, 

It is us,

We are responsible,

For the circumstances,

Wrought upon us, 

Every day is a hustle,

To reach home safely,

To inform about my whereabouts,

At each moment to my family,

Sometimes I wish,

If I were invisible,

How would the world treat me?

I would be shielded from the eyes of the devil,

I could lurk around at night,

Leave the seclusion of my house at any time,

Not bound by society’s perception,

Of how a woman should behave,

The world would have been a safe haven,

For women like you and me,

But the reality is,

I need to reach home before nine.

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