Saturday 1 August 2020

Devika Dhond, Poetry 2020 Longlist


What am I, other than a pea inside the pod?

Thriving in my shell

Against the jostle of exponential expansion

The pod, was my warm housing, appended to me like skin

I was compelled to leave it, rather pulled out into

The loam of mother earth, where I now lay buried

Did anyone catch me fall to gravity?

By then, I settled into the tenderness of earth

It gripped me deep down within

My limbs sprouted off my core

In the hustle of dusk, my root wriggled beneath

In the yawn of dawn, my shoot peeped to rise

I endured the leap of growth, as infinitesimal as my size

Did anyone catch me surface the enormity?

By then, I saw no horizons of propagation

Inch by inch, dimension by dimension

Fostered in the hands of nature, to blossom

Silent, mediocre, incessant, my stretch

Surreal, yet, so real, my survival

Did anyone catch me augment my entity?

Catch me, if you can!

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