Saturday 1 August 2020

Doleswari Sarangi, Poetry 2020 Featured Writer


Like a newly married bride
its stands in a corner of house with shyness and pride
being an epitome of just and fairness
Reveals the true character and real face

Not like the earthly people, with betrayal clothes on their body
Not as the transparent colourful glasses, shows exquisite faces

Mirror, throws light on genuine life
Inspire to live life which is serene and loyal one
Flashes the truth throughout its life
Neither deceived nor any one.

Like a close friend of an individual
paves the way for self realization
Being touchstone of a towering personality
Shapes life and aspire to move one.

It's a ray in the darkness of fictive appreciation
A panacea to all those unspoken grieves
A flame that trigger our life's motion
And Build our life with agile bricks.

Boosts our morale to live a peaceful life with purity
but one must possess aplomb to accept the reality
when i see it frequently , i see my eyes filled with strong determination
my face filled with tremor and life with hopeful exhilaration.

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