Saturday 15 August 2020

Abhir Verma, ShortStory 2020 Longlist


Pen Name: Thakur Dutt

Hey, how are you


What the hell is going on he said frowning at Grey expecting to get a reaction, but her poker face agitated him even more and the lines on his forehead rose like waves when the moon gets close.

She read his lines like a palm reader and told him to take a deep breath knowing how he'll react to this sarcastic reply but he did not!

There were no lines anymore instead a greedy smile which alarmed Grey as it was unexpected to what is coming next..

Alarmed, she looked at the door and as soon as she was able to take her first leaping step she felt a cold burning on her cheek

and she swung to the wall like a pendulum.

As soon as she landed on the floor, she regretted that poker face, she was always so proud of. "Not all men are same - you can't give that face to everyone, everybody can't tolerate that" her mother’s voice ringing in a far distance, shadowed by the loud shouting and grunting of Wayne.

Wayne rushed towards her to deliver another knuckle but took a step back when he saw a red simmer flowing out of her mouth. It was not fear but pride- with just a punch he took out an Agent.

Grey still bobbing in trance, listening to her mother, admiring her advice, she was starting to feel her heart beat in her mouth, while trying to get a hold of the hazing house which reminded her of the house of Walter White from Breaking Bad. All of a sudden a stabbing sensation and she kicked back to reality with her senses struggling to channel pain to her brain and she gave a loud howl. A howl filled with cough, blood and broken teeth.

Wayne smiling at her, admiring his new achievement, he just unlocked -

"Knocking Out an Agent with just one Punch", Take a screenshot!

and he was going to..

Grey listening to the lullaby of her mother, trying to get hold of the shivering floor and shimmering walls. She started to feel the pain go numb, was that anesthesia? Maybe she is in hospital and everything is alright now.

A second later her wish was vanished by a heavy light brought down by angels but she knew better. It was no angel but the flash of a gun-shot, she has seen it a hundred times by now, during her training and her assignment with Alex.

Why did I never call him again, maybe I should and another flash!

Oh, shit! I am being shot! where the hell is my Glock?!


Wayne laughing like a child watching his favorite hero in action. Jumping in joy from one place to another trying to imitate him but instead of firing bullets, he was taking pictures!

He enjoyed the way grey was rolling side to side, howling in appreciation of his achievement. These pictures were sacred to him, they reminded him of all the great work he has been doing since his father died.

He was a bastard. Always telling how useless Wayne was, an ogre with numb nuts- that was his favorite line.

He was a short bald guy always commanding Wayne what to do - what not to do. Wayne was a good boy even though he was a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than his dad he always did what he was asked to do. He wanted to rupture his nuts off and feed them to pigs but he never did because he promised her mother on her death bed that he will take care of him.

Last summer he wanted to put a screw-driver in his eyes when he broke his leg while a regular evening beating after drinks, but he never did.

He wanted to open his chest and check whether he has a heart, few months ago when he kicked off Bruno - his pet, his only friend he had since he stopped going to school, since his mother died. He came close, very close, even sharpened a knife especially for him. So that he can quickly open and check him, and soon after he would stitch him up! even before he wakes up. But he never did!

Last month he broke a photo frame of his mother and he wanted to hold his neck and ask him why he did that. And he did!

He asked him repeatedly, raising him to his eye level to understand why he did that. But after a few minutes of coughing his father fell silent, he realized his mistake, was sorry and had no words to explain himself.

But while gazing in his eyes for an answer Wayne felt a sensation he never felt before. It was much better than having a climax while watching his favorite erotica, and it was way stronger!

So, since then he has been doing that a lot, but he had to be careful.

People are weird in this town, they beat him without any reasons, just like his father. Once he was reading his favorite magazine and enjoying himself in a public restroom when some random people wearing the same college jackets pulled him out and shouted ‘you like shagging in public! don’t you?’ and started kicking him. They kept kicking him till he slept.

And this was even better, way better than watching erotica or magazines. So, people will be more angry about this- they will beat him even more. Wayne was an intelligent guy, he could compare how much people would hate him for this much pleasure! if he got so much beating just for a little pleasure with magazines.

People are so jealous of him!

So, to be careful he brought all of them at his home where no one would disturb him and he can enjoy himself.

The pictures were coming out really great with this new Nikon camera he bought yesterday. He was excited and was already making plans to bring someone home to try all it’s new features. He bought this camera after borrowing money from his father, it’s really expensive.

Past few weeks his father has treated him really well, he never shouts at him or asks him to do anything and don’t even say anything when he takes money from his closet or from his wallet. He is very lazy now a days always lying on the bed watching television, maybe its old age. He has started to smell funny but its just because he doesn’t take shower! Wayne has asked him so many times but he never listens! stubborn old bastard.


While admiring his new camera he noticed Grey sitting with one hand on the floor trying to get hold of the floor and the other hand behind her back. Maybe she is scratching an itch.

The next second she swung out a pistol facing him and instinctively he jumped on her, a shot was fired but it missed everything significant. Now she was on her back and Wayne on her stomach laughing.

Gun was lost in the afternoon darkness brought by the banyan tree by the window, her hands stuck under the baby elephant sitting on her.

Bitch! I have seen all the cop movies. You can’t shoot me, I am too fast I am Jackie Chan!

Smile (flash)

You should be happy, you are the first one I am shooting with a professional camera. It also have a video function, let me set it up. But first let me take a up-close video of my power and here comes the thunder.

And thunder came. Landed right between her cheekbone and ear!

I still remember that night after completing our stake out and then a bottle of wine. I can still feel my hands tied up and him sitting on me putting whipped cream on all the wrong places with cherries on top. But it smell different, he always had a nice odor especially when his sweat mixed with his Park Avenue perfume, that is a turn on in itself. He then ate it all up, bit me a few time and I know not by mistake. He did that on purpose. He doesn’t smell right, it smells like garbage and vinegar! His grip was strong yet soft but smell… is wrong!

A long horn from an oncoming train rode into her ear and she opened her eyes, looking at the room from under-water. The sound of the train passing through her ears started to change into throbbing pain. She could feel her hands move but still couldn’t see clearly because of water in one eye and blood in the other. She realized that there was no one sitting on her but still she couldn’t breathe properly as if someone stuck a lollipop in her throat. She started to feel her hands move but with glitches of every few seconds. She felt she is living in a slow-motion video.

People say you live your whole life before you die or atleast best part of it! That means only memorable part of my whole life was that night! No! I am not going to die with just One night under my belt and anyways I am not a one-night stand kind of girl. This bastard has to die!


All set, light is perfect, not very bright- not very dark. So, should I make introductions?

Maybe I should.

So, ladies and gentleman this is Agent Grey. I found her snooping around my house and then she told me she wanted to interview me regarding some case she was working on and as you all might have guessed I aced the interview.

You can ask her yourself! Agent Grey! Please tell them.

Yes…Yes..You did great!

See! People I did great.

Anyways I wasn’t planning to invite her in my home but she insisted. Maybe it was the interview, I was so good at it. I think I will do more interviews from next time and maybe they all will come by themselves and I don’t have to carry them here. That would be great! Thank you, agent Grey, for this idea!

Thank you agent Grey, this grinning bastard! Grey thought listening to the commentary, still trying to open her eyes and see the light, don’t worry I will give you something after which you won’t be needing anything! then say thank you!

I can’t see anything, where the hell is my Glock. All I can see is his grinning smile, vinegar trash smell and this bastard voice with this fucking train running in my head! I have to find it! I can’t get up otherwise this hippo will jump on me again! I just have to play along!

Is this your first video? Grey asked trying to sound excited.

Yes! he replied with fist bump on his chest and head held high.

You are my first movie star! You must be excited?

Oh! Yes. Definitely. Where the hell is that fucking gun!

What are you doing? Wayne grunted looking at her hands.

I.. I.. am just trying.. to sit straight. For the Camera! So, that you can take my interview just like before the movies they show interviews of the lead roles.

And in this one we both are the stars!

What?.. Yeah, They do that..?? and yes we are!!

Here, let me help you up.

Should I just choke him? No, he is too big for me. I should just find my Glock and finish this movie but I’ll have to play my part first.

So, Miss Grey, how do you feel in getting the lead role of this movie? Wayne asked holding an invisible mike to her mouth after lifting her up to sit next to him on the floor.

I.. I feel great! I am really happy to be part of it. Where the hell is it? I am really excited to be part of this movie with Wayne!

Sweeeeeet! By the way People It’s my first appearance on video camera too!

Hey! You can take my interview after this Wayne winked at her bumping her with his shoulder and throwing her off balance like a doll felling on her sides.



YES! there it is! Under the table a good 6 inches from my feet.


Yes! I will take your interview she murmured abruptly and excitedly, getting herself back to her position, which turned out to be a very tiring and painful task. But all she can think of was that piece of metal lying some inches away from her feet.

Oh! people she seems really excited to take my interview. My! My! I am that good.

I can’t make a run for it. It’s unnecessary risk. I have to play the role.

So, moving on to the next question.

Agent Grey how excited are you about the movie?

Very! Excited! I have to drag it with my legs otherwise I can’t reach it. But he should not notice.

I was especially excited because of you!


Oh! after that interview Grey smirked at him in admiration.

Oh…yeah…he smiled embarrassingly turning his face away from her.

This is working! I just have to bend a little bit more.

Have you ever kissed a girl before?

Astounded with the question he turned back and stared at her and then dropped his head down embarrassed, moving it side to side.

Come here! She replied with more energy in her than she felt in the past hour.

And he did, he lumped himself on her

No! she shouted, releasing her mistake she recovered with a flirty voice “I am shy. Please close your eyes”

He did,

closed his eyes with all his might and stretching his lips out like a pig and hands digging in his thighs trying to control the excitement.

She held his neck and put other hand on his leg which started vibrating the next second. She leaned on him and stretched her legs far back, she knew where it had to be. Jackpot!


She was dragging the gun towards herself with her feet. She need not to see. Her eyes were on guard for hippo’s movement but her whole mind was there dragging the gun towards her inch by inch.

Just then she noticed the movement of two torn black lips filled with food stain hanging under the roof of dirty mustache filled with mucus and god knows what.

She felt it, she was wrong. It was not a hippo or a pig but black-hole. Black-hole to hell which was sucking on her lips with all that crude saliva mixed with last night’s food with a hint of mucus.

She was trying to avoid all of it and just focusing on dragging the gun as close to her as possible and just then! like a dick entering a vagina a snake entered her mouth checking all her teeth and inspecting all her gums. She felt she lost her virginity all over again and this time even god will be ashamed.

What.. the.. fuck.. at this rate his tongue is gone reach my liver! Glock is near enough.

She bit his tongue and kneed his crotch but missed.

Getting free from the suction pump of hell she realized what she has done and the danger that comes next. Oh! shit I am dead.

What the hell! You bit me. Maybe I did it wrong. It was my first time though; I should say sorry!

Oh…what is she doing with my crotch?

Grey started rubbing his crotch with one hand and stretched other to pick up the gun but where the hell is it. Oh.. my.. god.. what the hell have I done, it is really tearing his jeans out.

Oh..huh.. Wayne moaned closing his eyes pushing Grey’s head into his stomach maybe I did it right, the thing with the tongue. Thank you.. Google!

She wants it, I’ll do it like my favorite erotica. It’s going to be the best movie ever!

Come here Grey! he cried excitedly.

Wayne rolled over her taking out all the air from her body and the only sound came out of her was a struggling aahh!

Oh, you likes this? I should grind her.

And she was grinded. Like a pea under a road roller.

She started suffocating and big fat demonic waste kept going on, her legs went numb in few minutes. She was not able to move her hands anymore and her last thoughts This is how I die, getting dry humped by a fat demonic pig and honestly, now idea of his dick is not a bad idea anymore. At least there is some dignity in it. I would have died having sex and not dry humped. As her last thoughts were fading away she felt a cold metal under her fingers and a chill ran down her spine and she spoke!

She is definitely liking it. Otherwise she would have said something. Oh, it’s nice but tiring.

Let me come on top! a voice came from under him.

What? She said something.. come on top?

Oh, Just like erotica! But we have to take our pants off! he mumbled shyly.

Don’t worry! I will take care of it.

Thank god! That’s better. I don’t even know where to put it, It’s confusing.

Grey sitting on top of him looked like a skeleton with blood draining out of her mouth, but her eyes were showing a spark in them that has never been there this whole encounter, meanwhile Wayne was taking pride in his seduction skills which has really blown her mind.

Absorbing the energy from the cold metal in her hands she took a deep breath and whispered “say Thank you”

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Bam! (Flash)

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